PackShip Furniture Direct PSFD Rules Tariff 100

Effective June 1, 2016

Item Service Option Description Charge
100 No Freight Tendered When a specific purchase order is requested by the builder, finisher, or retailer to pick up from the builder or finisher and that specific purchase order is not given to the carrier upon arrival. $10.00 per stop
101 Redelivery When a shipment is tendered for delivery, and due to circumstances beyond the control of the carrier, such delivery cannot be accomplished. One half the original shipping invoice with a maximum of $350.00
102 Reconsignment When a shipment is diverted or reconsigned upon instructions from shipper or consignee. Subject to a minimum of $65.00 and a maximum of $250.00
103 Notify Before Delivery When carrier is required to contact consignee prior to delivery to arrange for delivery. No charge
104 Residential Pickup or Delivery When a shipment is picked up or delivered to a non- commercial or private location, including commercial establishments that are not open to the walk-in public during normal business hours. No Charge
105 Over Dimension When a shipment contains one or more articles of 14 feet or greater. No Charge
106 Marking/Retagging When the consignor/consignee requests to change, alter or add marks, tags, label or stencils on any package or piece of freight. No Charge
107 Storage When customer does not take delivery of a shipment and it is held in carrier's possession. Product can be stored up to 14 days free of charge. 14 days free. Starting the 15th day, $10.00/day per day will be charged
108 Fuel Surcharge Shipments subject to the provisions of the contract shall also be subject to a fuel surcharge as shown in Attachment II to Appendix A. Charges calculated per Attachment II to Appendix A
109 Ferry Charges Shipments where a ferry must be utilized to reach consignee and complete delivery. $125.00 per ferry roundtrip
110 Late Payment When payment is received past the 15-day payment terms. A 3% finance charge of total shipping invoice
111 Claims When shipments arrive at the destination with exceptions to condition, claims must be reported within 5 business days. Please refer to our website for policy details. Refer to website
112 Credit Card Payment When service is paid via credit card for shipments not made on PackShip Furniture Direct equipment. A 3.5% finance charge will be applied
113 Order Return Charge When a shipment is refused, returned, or exchanged due to circumstances outside PackShip Furniture Direct's control. For returns and refusals: Half of the original delivery price. For exchanges: full price of original delivery plus half of original delivery price.
114 Inside Delivery When delivery and set up is performed at the destination with trash removal. First 30 minutes of delivery time included in base rate, $18.00 per 15 minute increments thereafter.
115 Additional Man Charge When extra delivery personnel are required or needed beyond the standard two-man delivery team provided. $100.00 per hour, per additional man
116 Prep and Deluxe The practice of removing product from packaging, inspecting product and the repair of any minor abrasions or defects, so that the products is without issue upon delivery. $65.00 per man hour.
117 Expedited pick up fee When an order is requested to be picked up on a day other than the normally scheduled pick up day. $65.00 per man hour.
118 Transfer Fee When an order is requested to be picked up that has pieces picking up out of multiple regional facilities or states. $50.00 per transfer
119 DTS Pick Up Charge When DTS (direct to store) orders are requested by the builder, finisher or retailer to pick up from the builder or finisher. A piece is defined as a single piece detached from other pieces. A handling unit is defined as smaller pieces bound together, such as table leaves or bed slats. $1.50 per piece or handling unit